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Every door tells a story.

Alan Benchoam

He is a Guatemalan photographer recognized for his photographic compositions of doors. In 1994 he finished his degree in psychology and decided to move to Colorado, United States to study photography at the Denver Art Institute. In 1998 he returned to Guatemala and opened his first photography studio. In 2018 he held his exhibition “This is not a door”, made up of 21 collages of photos of doors in relief.

Coffee with champurrada

Photo Collage
Dimensions: 52 x 52 in
Year: 2020

Discover the doorways to artistry

The Most Sold

Alan Benchoam takes on the challenge of making human portraits using this technique, his largest work being a face composed of 1,087 individually photographed doors. He has received national and international awards for his collages.

Colored Woman

Dimensions: 24 x 57 in
Serie: Limited

Step into a world of framed portals

Doors turned into Art

Explore and open the doors to an infinity of colors and textures of hundreds of doors that have been turned into 3D works of art using the assembly technique.

From vintage entryways to modern gates

Alan Benchoam

My name is Alan Benchoam and I am the artist “who paints with doors”. My work is a celebration to the unnoticed, and a tribute to the beauty of the unexpected. I hope to inspire others with my art to look at the world under a different light, so they can find beauty in the ordinary.

As an artist I embrace the concept of reincarnation by giving new life to old doors. I see each door as a unique canvas, a blank state waiting to be transformed in something new and significant. I believe in giving old doors in my collages a new life, allowing them the opportunity to tell a new story or to create a new concept. My art “opens doors” to endless possibilities and new life.

“GUATEMALA, opening the doors to the whole world!
When we create a collage, each door is placed individually in different reliefs… That is why our works are absolutely full of reliefs.”

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